Local Organizations

There are a number of local business, community and development-oriented organizations downtown that a business or property owner could access resources from to help start and grow their business. 

Chamber of Commerce Logo

The Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is designed to help you grow your business through advocating for pro-business policies, connecting businesses to much-needed resources, and education on best practices and changing market dynamics so business owners can be part of a dynamic businesses community. 

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Downtown Mansfield Inc Logo

Downtown Mansfield, Inc.

Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) is dedicated to the vision of a vibrant, revitalized Historic Downtown Mansfield. Since 2008, DMI and their sister nonprofit Discover Historic Mansfield, Inc., have advocated for the downtown historic district of Mansfield by producing events, creating infrastructure such as parklets, and funding worth projects. As of June 18, 2021, HMBA and The LOT Foundation have combined their organizations under the umbrella of DMI to help further focus and strengthen their organizational efforts.

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Historic Mansfield Business Association Logo


The Historic Mansfield Business Association (HMBA) is the local organization of business and property owners in Historic Downtown. Their mission is to encourage, foster, and strengthen the community by promoting a beneficial business climate and quality of life in Historic Mansfield, Texas.

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The LOT Downtown Logo

The LOT Foundation

Since 2016, the LOT Downtown (named for providing Live Outdoor Theatre), has been the home of hundreds of Mansfield events, including free high production value concerts, movies, farmers markets, festivals for the community as well as providing a space for other organizations to host their events in Historic Downtown Mansfield. Although they are not a business association, they are community partners that support the district, as well as being represented on the board of Downtown Mansfield, Inc.

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Mansfield Commission for the Arts

Mansfield Commission for the Arts

The Mansfield Commission for the Arts is a nonprofit organization with a vision to make Mansfield a regionally recognized destination for cultural activities. Mansfield's cultural arts scene is enriched by our wonderful artists and arts organizations, art galleries, community festivals, a variety of performance venues, and historic downtown.

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