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    Use this form to add or update your business information on the Historic Downtown Business Directory on the website. If you are adding your business for the first time, please be sure to fill out the following form in its entirety, or your submission may not be approved. 

    If your business is already listed on the directory, use this form to update any information that needs to be changed.

    If you have any issues or questions, please contact Your business is subject to approval by staff and will be evaluated to ensure the listing is for a conforming business located in Historic Downtown Mansfield.

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    Please use the following section to complete or update all applicable information related to your business profile. Find the merchant category that best represents your establishment and check all of the boxes that are applicable to your business.

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  10. Include a link to whichever online site or platform you want to re-direct visitors to when they want to learn more about your store.

    You can include a website, link to a social platform, or link to an online store. 

    Pro tip: If you often have coupons or sales, direct patrons in your business profile to click the link to view more. Then, include the link to whichever platform you keep most up-to-date on your specials.

  11. Use the above box to write a short, 3-5 sentence blurb about your establishment, inviting residents and visitors to check out your shop. 

  12. Please copy and paste the following template and edit the text field to include your current hours of operation.

    If you business is closed on a certain day, please type "Closed", as shown in the example template below.

    Mon 12:00am-12:00pm
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    Wed 12:00am-12:00pm 
    Thurs 12:00am-12:00pm
    Fri 12:00am-12:00pm 
    Sat Closed
    Sun Closed

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