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Downtown Business Directory

  1. Downtown Business Directory

    Use this form to add or update your business information on the Historic Downtown Business Directory on the website. If you are adding your business for the first time, please be sure to fill out the following form in its entirety, or your submission may not be able to be updated. 

    Your business listing is sourced through your Google Business information. However, it can be manually adjusted if necessary. First, be sure to adjust your Google Business Listing to reflect the most accurate information before asking for a manual adjustment.

    If your business is already listed on the directory, use this form to update any information that needs to be changed.

    If you have any issues or questions, please contact Your business is subject to approval by staff and will be evaluated to ensure the listing is for a conforming business located in Historic Downtown Mansfield.

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    You can include a website, link to a social platform, or link to an online store.

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